João Ferreira has now successfully brought his innovative project, |Hop>, to completion

Following his receipt of the Cogito grant, João Ferreira from UNIGE has now successfully brought his innovative project, the quantum physics board game |Hop>, to completion.

|Hop> is a clever fusion of quantum mechanics and engaging gameplay, designed to be both a compelling competitive pursuit and a valuable educational tool. Each player controls the motion of electrons within a lattice of atoms, aiming to create a short circuit on an opponent’s contact, thereby winning the game. In the process, players, whether they’re aware of it or not, are engaging with fundamental principles of quantum mechanics, lending an intuitive touch to a typically abstract theory.

Next month, João is set to launch a crowdfunding campaign on the Wemakeit platform to expand the reach of |Hop>. The game’s dual identity, as both an exciting pastime and a unique way to communicate quantum physics, holds promise for intriguing physicists and fosters broader understanding in the wider community. Keep an eye on this initiative as it unfolds – this might be a game-changer in quantum physics education!

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