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The Quantum Physics Game

|Hop> is a competitive card game, where players clash to move electrons from their “electrodes” to those of the adversary. By doing this, they will learn crucial cutting-edge concepts in quantum physics in a simple and fun way.

Have fun!

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Un jeu pour «démystifier» la physique quantique

Un jeu pour «démystifier» la physique quantique

Les applications de la physique quantique, dans des domaines tels la cryptographie ou les processeurs de calcul des ordinateurs, promettent d’immenses avancées technologiques. Celles-ci affecteront des outils dont nous nous servons quotidiennement, sans que nous...

Reached our funding goal! 10K CHF

Reached our funding goal! 10K CHF

Our crowdfunding campaign has now reached our funding goal of 5K and with the help of the science booster, we are already at 10K and counting. I wish to thank everyone that supported the project, this would not be possible without your help.What now? The campaign...


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