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The Quantum Physics Game

|Hop> is a competitive card game, where players clash to move electrons from their “electrodes” to those of the adversary. By doing this, they will learn crucial cutting-edge concepts in quantum physics in a simple and fun way.

Have fun!

Latest news

|Hop> at Festival of Double Science

|Hop> at Festival of Double Science

This weekend, |Hop> participated in the Festival of Double Science in Paris: Double Science is a free festival for all ages, focusing on the popularization of scientific knowledge, where citizens come to discover science, enjoy it, and even become contributors to...

João Ferreira received the Cogito Grant with |Hop>

João Ferreira received the Cogito Grant with |Hop>

João Ferreira, UNIGE, received the Cogito grant for his project “Teaching quantum with |Hop>”. |Hop> is an educational tool for quantum physics, both in the classroom and at home. João started developing this card game in parallel with his thesis, with the aim...


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