|Hop> is now available for sale! |Hop> this way!

The Quantum Physics Game

|Hop> is a competitive card game, where players clash to move electrons from their “electrodes” to those of the adversary. By doing this, they will learn crucial cutting-edge concepts in quantum physics in a simple and fun way.

Have fun!

Latest news

Hop is now available worldwide through QURECA

Hop is now available worldwide through QURECA

From now on, |Hop> is available to buy worldwide thanks to our new partnership with QURECA. We extend our congratulations to @Qureca on the remarkable completion of their rebranding process, new website and upgrade of their learning platform! 🎉 You can check it out...

|Hop> at RTS

|Hop> at RTS

|Hop> was on swiss national television and radio! It was a pleasure to be on the show Forum and present quantum physics to such a huge audience. You can see the full interview here Interview

Quantum Game Jam 2023

Quantum Game Jam 2023

João was invited to give a talk at the Quantum Game Jam 2023 to discuss the creation of the game. You can check it out here!


Learn more about this project, its objectives, the people behind it, and how it all came about!


Find all the rules here!

Learn more about physics!

Want to know more about all the concepts and weird terms used in the game? Find all the answers in the Infobook!